Custom Bug Off Window Screens

Our Custom Screens install where other screens can not.

1 panel no opening installs on windows up to 58″ in width
2 panel center opening 72″ in width  – any height

Have an odd size window? Bug Off Screen offers solutions!

Bug Off Custom Window Screens

Bug Off Screen installs on hard to screen windows, where standard screens will not.

If you have an odd, or large size window, or crank style window that cannot be screened normally, Bug Off Screen may be the solution.

Bug Off Screen works on most crank style windows.
Crank style windows require you to crank the window open, preventing normal screen installations. Since Bug Off can be made with an opening in the center, or at the bottom, you can install our screen inside the window, where it will not interfere with the window opening an you can reach through the center, or bottom to crank the window open. Bug Off Screen will work as long as the window-jamb is at least 1″ deep, in order to hang the screen on the included spring tension rod. Just like you would hang a curtain.

Bug Off Screen works on large windows too.

And we can make custom 1 panel window screens 22″ – 58″ in width and any height (with no opening) for odd, or large size windows. 2 panel screens (with a center opening) can be installed with our included spring tension rod and Hook and Loop (also known as Velcro®) tabs in about 5 minutes, without tools, or damage to the window frame regardless if your window frame is steel, wood, vinyl, or drywall.

We also make 1 panel Bug Off Screens (without a center opening) FOR DOORS. This is for customers that do not need to go in and out of this door, but still want ventilation, or want to keep pets inside.

We DO NOT make screens for single or double GARAGE OPENINGS. There are several companies online that do make large 7 ft – 14 ft garage door screens.

If you have never used a Bug Off Screen or have questions about your style of window, please email us your questions with photos of your window.