Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions we receive.

If your question is not answered below, please email us. Our call center can take your order, but may not be able to answer all of your questions.

Have a party coming up?
Get a Bug Off Screen!

Our magnetic screen door snaps closed behind you, and is easy to install. Makes a great temporary screen door!


If your door width does not fall within 1″ (smaller or larger) of our standard screen widths, or your door is shorter or taller than one of our available sizes, you will need a custom Bug Off Screen. Please see our Custom Screen Page.

No, Bug Off is not a security door and should not be used where you do not want small children, or pets to go out.

We do not recommend Bug Off Screen for windy areas. High winds can prevent the screen from snapping closed behind you and you have to close it manually. For this reason, we recommend standard framed screen doors for areas that have high winds.

Please measure your doorjamb and not the door itself. Measure at the widest part of the opening, where you plan to put the spring tension rod. For the height, measure from the top of the doorjamb, to the top of the floor plate, or threshold. For the screen to work properly it must hang just above the floor plate so that it can swing freely and snap closed. If the screen drags it will not close properly. Please see our Installation Page.
Yes, the 36″ screen actually measures 38″ in width. This is so the screen can be attached to each side of the doorjamb with 1″ wide hook and loop strips that have been sewn onto the sides of the screen. As long as there is at least ½” of hook and loop attached to each side of the doorjamb, it will work. This applies to all Bug Off Screens, which measure 2″ wider than the posted size and can be installed on doors 1″ wider. The screen will not be as secure, so we do not recommend this for high traffic doors. For high traffic, odd size doors, we recommend ordering a custom Bug Off Screen. Order Custom Screens here.

Yes, you can use a larger screen on a door that is 1″ smaller in width, provided your door is also 78″-80″ in height. This applies to all sizes, which can be installed on odd size doors. Many of our customers have done this to avoid having to order custom screens, if the door is only 1″ smaller in width. We do not recommend installing a larger screen on a door that is more than 1″ smaller in width than our posted size (for example, installing a 30″ screen on a 28″ door). The screen will be too large for the door and will not close properly. If your door is more than 1″ smaller or larger in width than our standard sizes, please order a custom screen…they are affordable!

Yes, even though the standard height for most doors is 80″, Bug Off was designed with two tunnels at the top to fit 78″ to 80″ door heights. Many so called standard doors are actually shorter than 80″ because of the floor plate, or threshold. This applies to all sizes which fit doors up to 2″ shorter.

Bug Off is installed on a spring tension rod (included) which is adjusted manually to fit snug at the top of the doorjamb. The easy installation takes about 5 minutes. Please see our Installation Page and our Video Demo Page.
Yes, we have sizes to fit 4′, 5′, and 6′ French doors and double doors. If you only open one of your doors, see our Bug Off Reversible French Door Page. You can also install the 30″, 32″ and 36″ on one door of your French doors or double doors (between the doorjamb and one closed door). Installing Bug Off this way, requires that the screen be removed before both doors can be closed. This is not a problem since it only takes a minute to take down the screen, roll it up and store it in a closet. Many French doors owners prefer the smaller sizes, or our Reversible French Door Screen if they only open one of their doors. If a full width size screen, or our Reversible French Door Screen is used to screen the width of both doors, it is not necessary to remove Bug Off before closing the doors.

We have sizes to fit most sliding glass doors, or we can make a custom screen. Bug Off installs the width of the door opening, against the stationary glass door. You will need a 30″ screen for a 5′ door, a 36″ screen for a 6′ door, etc., because the door opening in most cases, is half the width of the entire glass area. Be sure to measure the height from inside of the top track, to the top of the bottom track. The screen must clear the bottom track to open and close properly.

Many people use both Bug Off and the sliding screen together. Bug Off can be installed in the track between the glass door and the sliding screen, and will not obstruct opening and closing either one. When you want to let pets go in and out, open the sliding screen all the way and just use Bug Off. If you want to keep pets in, close the sliding screen. Since Bug Off is so easy to install, remove and store, it can also be used temporarily on sliders for parties and barbecues.

Yes, we have taken extra measures to ensure our quality and durability. Bug Off is made with high quality USA mesh and high energy USA magnets. We have designed a strong, but light weight, 5/8″ extruded aluminum, spring tension rod for support which has been powder coated to resist the elements. We have sewn strong webbing at the bottom of the screen to protect it. All edges have been re-enforced with a weather resistant thread for durability and a clean appearance. We have also added webbing behind the magnets and loop fasteners, so they won’t come off, even in commercial use. Under normal circumstances, Bug Off Screen will last for years.

As long as you are installing Bug Off in a doorjamb, or sliding door track, you do not have to remove it in order to close your door. If you are installing Bug Off on one side of a double door, or French door, (between the doorjamb and one closed door) then you will need to remove Bug Off to close both doors. If you only open one of your French, or double doors please see our Bug Off Reversible French Door Page.
Yes, if you would like more information please EMAIL us for dealer information and visit our Buyer/Dealer Page.