The Smart Screen Door

Saves time, hassle and money!

Our customers love Bug Off because it works, costs less than most standard screens and is easy to install. Bug Off solves problems like screens accidentally left open, slamming screen doors and broken screens that bend or come off the track, making it “The Smart Screen Door.”

Great for families, parties and BBQ’s

Bug Off Screen – The Smart Screen Door

If you’ve been looking for a truly functional, versatile and reasonably priced screen door, you’ve come to the right place.

Bug Off keeps unwanted insects out of your home with unique features like our magnetic hands-free entry and exit and a simple tool-free installation. These qualities make it the most convenient screen on the market. Once you try Bug Off you will never go back to a standard framed screen door. Visit our FAQ Page to see the most common questions customers ask us. Visit our Standard Sizes Page, French Doors & Sliders Page and Custom Sizes Page to see how affordable Bug Off Screens are. French door and tall door owners save hundreds since screens for these doors can cost $300 – $1200, but Bug Off Screens cost $40 – $130.

Our smart design opens in the middle using center and bottom magnets, which are sewn securely onto the screen.

This feature provides you, your children, guests and pets convenient hands-free entry and exit. You can push through Bug Off with your hands full and it automatically snaps closed behind you. Pets can go in and out without assistance. This feature insures no more screens are accidentally left open, no more slamming screen doors, and no need to let your pets in and out. It also makes Bug Off ideal for parties and barbecues, so you and your guests can move in and out with food and drinks — hands-free.

Bug Off is made of durable, soft fiberglass mesh. It installs without tools, will not damage your door frame, and installs in about 5 minutes using an adjustable spring tension rod.

Only 1″ depth is needed at the top of your doorjamb for a secure fit. The tension rod is included and slides into one of two tunnels at the top of the screen mesh for easy height adjustment up to 2″. See complete installation instructions here.  Manually adjust the tension rod 1″-2″ wider than your door width by unscrewing the smaller side counter clockwise. Then, slide the rod into one of the tunnels at the top of the screen, place the rod and screen into one corner of the doorjamb and slide the other side up for a tight fit. Small hook and loop strips are sewn onto the sides of the screen, these attach quickly and precisely to the sides of the doorjamb. Please visit our Installation Page our Diagram Page and French Door & Sliders Page.

Bug Off was originally invented to be used in apartments and condos in place of prohibited standard screen doors.

Center and bottom magnets are sewn onto a 2″ center overlap, providing hands-free entry and exit and silent operation. The bottom is lightly weighted for stability and reinforced with outdoor fabric for added durability. Bug Off is made to last and will not damage any door frame. This makes it ideal not only for houses, but also for apartments and condominiums, where standard screen doors are often not permitted because of door frame damage and poor appearance. Since Bug Off does not have a frame, it is almost invisible from the outside. It was originally invented to be used in apartments and condos in place of prohibited standard screen doors. In most cases Bug Off Screen is the only option if you live in an apartment, or condominium.

Bug Off is completely portable and can be moved from door to door or taken to vacation homes, cabins and motels.

It’s perfect for summer trips. It rolls up for seasonal storage and can be stored in small spaces like drawers, closets and suitcases. It’s so easy to install and remove Bug Off can be used permanently or temporarily when and where you need it.

Bug Off is manufactured in 14 standard door sizes and custom sizes to fit single doors, custom doors, sliding glass doors and French and double doors.

Bug Off replaces the need to purchase other companies expensive custom screens for hard-to-fit doors. Each size will fit a door width opening 1″ smaller and 1″ larger than the posted width. Two convenient height adjust tunnels at the top of the screen, also allow you to custom fit Bug Off to door heights up to 2″ smaller than our posted size. This feature is provided because so-called standard doors are often slightly shorter, because of the bottom threshold. We also make affordable custom Bug Off Screens 22″ to 72″ in width and any height. Please see our Custom Sizes Page.

For temporary situations like parties and BBQ’s, our 30″, 32″ and 36″ sizes can also be installed on one door of a French or double door (between the doorjamb and one closed door).

Installing Bug Off this way requires that the screen be removed before both doors can be closed. This is not a problem since it only takes a minute to take down the screen, roll it up and store it in a closet.

If one of our larger sizes (48″, 60″, 64″and 72″), or our Reversible French Door Screen is used to screen the entire door width, it is not necessary to remove Bug Off before closing the doors. Please see our French Door & Slider Page. Unlike standard screens, Bug Off installs on French doors that open in or out.

Bug Off Screen also installs on sliding glass doors, even if you already have a sliding screen installed (between the glass and the sliding screen). This allows you to close the sliding screen when you do not want pets or small children to go out. Sliding screen can open all the way using Bug Off when you want hands-free entry and exit for you, your children, guests or pets.

We would like to thank all our customers for making Bug Off Screen a success.

Bug Off Screen was designed to make your life easier and we hope you will enjoy it for years to come. We will always strive to keep our prices affordable and our quality at the highest level. Our company will never sacrifice quality for profit. Our smart features and quality USA materials make Bug Off more expensive to manufacture than other companies’ subsequent “knock-offs” and cheaper versions. But don’t be fooled by the imitations. The copycats fall apart and don’t deliver on their promises. We are the original patented Bug Off Instant Screen Door. We stand by our superior product. If you want the best quality, look for the center opening with magnets, the spring tension rod and of course our name. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return Bug Off Instant Screen Door within 30 days (Returned screens must be in an “As-New” condition with all accessories in original packaging) for a full refund on product and California sales tax, excluding shipping and handling. No questions asked.