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I received my Bug Off screen yesterday, put it up in minutes and I’m loving it.

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“I can’t tell you how much more comfortable the BugOffScreen has made our home this summer. It has allowed us to take advantage of a breeze we were not able to previously… without the problems of insects. It’s the best $40 I have spent on home improvements!” — B. Treitler, San Diego, California

“We are not allowed to install a regular screen on our doors in my condominium complex. I like having a screen on my door because I barbecue on my front patio. Your screen really works and I’ve had no complaints from the homeowners association!” — T. Kite, Studio City, California

“I have cats that go in and out all day long. It’s wonderful that I no longer have to open the screen door for them. Thanks for the great product.” — A. Snyder, Yonkers, New York

“Upon removing the contents of the shipping box, I immediately knew I had purchased a quality screen. A durable and thick screen that is sewn together well. The 6 velcro attachments are solid. The magnets are extra large and when mated actually stay in place!

I followed the instructions and when I finished, I stepped back and then realized, this screen has a near perfect seal around the door including the base. You may need to tweak the positions of the magnets to get the same professional finish. For example, the bottom magnets are square on square but I overlapped the middle magnets by dragging the inside magnet 1/3 beyond square to make it taut. Then all fabric bows are removed and the generous overlap distance prevents entry by pests. Everyone, plus most pets, will have no issues opening the screen. I live in an apartment and this gives me access to my patio, excellent ventilation, I can hear the sounds of the wildlife outside and the patio fountain. Very relaxing and I am proud of myself for having made such a great purchase. Done and done.” — G. Blanchard, Spring Lake, NC

“I wanted to let you know the screen I ordered arrived late yesterday. It was for the double door on my greenhouse. I went out a little while ago and put it up (very easy) and boy do I wish I had done this a long time ago. The only reason I needed something across the door was to keep the birds from flying in – they get in and can’t find their way out. I was using a big piece of shade cloth across the door and the new screen looks SO much better. As I said, wish I had done it long ago. You should consider advertising them for greenhouse doors. I love mine.” — C. Randall, Fallbrook, California

“We bought your screens about 10 years ago and are finally replacing them after two huge dogs, crazy guests, etc.. They are fantastic!” —B. Ende, BC, Canada

“We are very happy with our Bug Off Screen and I unconditionally recommend the company and its products. We bought a screen for a room in a guest house we visit annually in Costa Rica and it is great! Easy to install, easy to use! We hung it in less than 5 minutes and immediately enjoyed the fresh air without the bugs. We are able to walk through the screen with no problem, even carrying plates of food, or our surf boards! Just a little pressure and the panels separate than snap back together behind you. The screen is durable and doesn’t snag or tear. The hotel owner liked it so much, she asked us to leave it behind and may even purchase screens for the other rooms in the guest house as an affordable alternative to screen doors.” — M. Martialay, Costa Rica

“We have a lot of flies in Australia so I have just replaced my ‘inferior’ quality self closing screens with 2 Bug Off screens. They are well designed, well made and do the job perfectly. Very simple to order and install, thank-you. The mesh provides a clearer view that I was expecting and the weighted bottom hem holds the screen nice and straight. You now just need an agent in Australia….” — O. Lindsell, Western Australia

“I purchased your screen about a month. or two ago. I don’t think I’ve made a better buy on ebay. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. My kids constantly whined about letting our dogs out (we have a screened in pool) . They would have to walk to the end of the screen enclosure to open a second door which accessed the yard. Family fights actually happened over whose turn it was to let the dogs out. I saw your item, bought it, and installed it in about 10 minutes (if that). Now the dogs come and go as they please, and no bugs to worry about. Best of all, no more whining from the kids, at least on letting the dogs out. You wouldn’t by chance have something that automatically takes the garbage out would you? Very grateful.” — T. McGuire, Port Orange, Florida

“Please use my testimonial. I don’t want anyone to hesitate if they are thinking about ordering one. Great product. Works great. I’m so enjoying the breeze without the bugs and not having to turn on the A/C. It gives me the strong cross breeze through my home just where I need it most. And better still, $39.95 versus nearly $350 to purchase with labor, a custom screen door installation on my front door?…No brainer. I’ve gotten several compliments on it from the neighbors already. Thank you for selling this. Very satisfied customer.” — C. Andersen, Fort Myers, Florida

“Simply wanted to say that I purchased your smart screen door, two years ago. Managed to ship it to Sydney, Australia. As you may or may not know, we have weather patterns similar to Southern California, but with more flying bugs. The product has withstood two lots of different tenants, both with children and with cats and dogs. I am only now replacing it as it has finally had it’s day. Only through neglect by tenants though. Wonderful product for the summer months and particularly for our French doors, which open up to our entertaining deck.” — H. Kalenderian, New South Whales, Australia

“I love my bug off screen! We built a new house and did not want to ruin the beautiful wood doorjambs, installing permanent screen doors. The Bug Off screen was the perfect solution. We also have a mini schnauzer and it was the perfect solution for a pet door. The screen is very good quality and so easy to install and remove. We love it so much, I purchased two more for our other doors so we can have all the doors open at the same time. On a scale 1 to 5, it’s a 5! Thank you for a great product.” — T.Coleman , Canby, Oregon

“I recently purchased 6 customized screens for an average price of about $79 per screen. The website and video was very user friendly and helpful. I made a quick call to your customer service to make sure I completed the form correctly. You could hear their smile on their face and they told me I had ordered correctly. The screens are so easy to install. It took about 5 minutes which included time taking the plastic cover off the stickems to stick them on the door jam. We have French doors and I could not find screens that work. These are perfect and we can easily go in and out. Great company, great product and great team. Thank you.” — J.Fuchs , Key Biscayne, Florida

“I’m happy to report I won my Bug Off Screen and have been using it tons! I was getting ready to blog about it and wanted to ask if you would be interested in doing a giveaway instead of sending me one? Bug Off is an awesome screen and my dog Drake’s tail thanks you! 🙂 He has a big fluffy tail and it was getting smooshed in the door sometimes between the girls and me. Plus I’m able to cook dinner without opening and closing the door a million times! I can hear the kids playing in our fenced yard and cool down the house at the same time.” — Shannon at Welcome To Our Wonderland blog

“I picked up my Bug Off screen yesterday, and couldn’t wait to install it. In fewer than five minutes, it was up and doing its job. This is the best thing since sliced bread! It was ridiculously easy to install. It looks great. It does the job of keeping my living room bug free. And best of all, I get to have a screen door to the deck of my apartment, allowing me to leave the deck door open all of the way for air flow. I am thrilled!!! Thank you for coming up with the perfect solution to apartment life. It’s perfect and I couldn’t be happier.” — J. Pilecki, Lexington, Massachusetts

“My mom told me about this screen. We used to wake up in the morning to flies on our face. My husband and I would go into “fly mutilation mode”. We were so frustrated until I bought this screen. It really is easy to put on your door. I am 3 days away from giving birth to our first born and I put the screen on while my husband was at work. Super EASY! WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this screen! You guys are so smart for creating something so awesome and helpful!” — H. Guerra, Buellton, California

“I usually don’t write emails to manufacturers, but I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with this screen. It arrived super fast and installed in minutes. Good price. Very high quality. I like the magnet closures. This was just what I was looking for. Thank you.” — L. James, Escondido, California

“I work in a warehouse with a double dock door. The guys love to leave one of the doors open in the Spring and Fall because it’s so pretty outside. But the flies were driving us crazy all last year. I decided to do something about it this year and ordered your Bugoffscreen. I had it up in under 2 minutes and it fits absolutely perfect! From the top to the very bottom its fully covered and the middle part to walk through flows right back and secures with the magnets there. This is a very high quality screen unlike others I have ordered for my house. So I’ll be ordering one for myself next!” — T. Lott, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. Your screen does everything you claim! Thanks again for a great product!” — S. Anderson, San Clemente, California

“Just wanted to tell you I received the product to use on the delivery door for my restaurant and it works great! Thanks for helping with my bug problem!” — K. Nelson, Owner Of Beach Grass Cafe, Solana Beach, CA

“What a great product. I had the screen assembled in minutes and it looks good. High quality. I installed it on the door to my garage, so that in pleasant weather I will get cross ventilation through my house.” — D. Whiddon Cabot, Arkansas

This has been a wonderful purchase! I bought one for my back door so my Lab and Retriever could come in and out at will and still keep the bugs out. I bought a second one for my French doors. It is easier to install than a shower curtain and it looks great. The one on my French doors allow me to keep them open have a nice breeze and I haven’t had a fly find its way in.
If you have thought of purchasing one of these Bug Off screens, do not hesitate any longer. You will wonder why it took you so long to do it. Thanks for coming up with this fantastic idea! — K. Stafford, LaVale, Maryland

“I had been thinking about a dog door for the sliding glass door to our balcony. I was shocked at the high cost, plus uncertain how it would stand up to frequent use by two 100 lb. dogs. I found Bug Off Screen while searching on the internet. For the price I decided I couldn’t go wrong and would return it if it didn’t work as advertised. Your product absolutely exceeded my expectations. Installation is beyond easy and it works like a charm to keep bugs out while allowing the dogs to come and go as they please. My neighbor saw mine and bought one as well. She is as thrilled as I am. Do you ship overnight? I was stunned at the speed with which your product was delivered. Thank you again for your terrific product.” — B. Long, Los Angeles, California

“Yours is the ONLY screen in the world that allows our Golden Retrievers to run in and out while keeping the Alaskan skeeters at bay. I love these screens! Thanks.” — D. McFail, Anchorage, Alaska

“I work in a warehouse with a double dock door. The guys love to leave one of the doors open in the Spring and Fall because it’s so pretty outside. But the flies were driving us crazy all last year. I decided to do something about it this year and ordered your Bug Off Screen. I had it up in under 2 minutes and it fits absolutely perfect! From the top to the very bottom its fully covered and the middle part to walk through flows right back and secures with the magnets there. This is a very high quality screen unlike others I have ordered for my house. So I’ll be ordering one for myself next!” — T. Lott, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“We live in an old brownstone neighborhood in NYC, where most of the houses date back to the 1890’s. The houses often have marvelous Victorian architectural features. Our house has a narrow set of French doors that lead from our kitchen onto a back deck and a year ago, I custom-ordered one of your screens for that doorway.
Yesterday, our home was one of a group of homes featured in our neighborhood civic association’s annual house tour. Hundreds of people buy tickets and tour through a group of local homes each year to see the architecture. Well, people were lovely and said many nice things to us about our home, but the biggest item of interest, by far, was our kitchen screen door! Where did we get it? I began collecting names, promising people that I’d send them the information. By the end of the day yesterday, I had more than 40 little slips of paper from people looking for information about your screen doors! So, if you receive an unusual number of orders soon from New York, particularly Brooklyn, you’ll know why!” — C. W., Brooklyn, New York

“Thank you so much for making the Bug Off Screens and for making them so well and easy to install. I had one little question this morning and it was resolved in an INSTANT (my misunderstanding…nothing wrong with the product). It’s a real PLEASURE doing business with a company like yours – your claims regarding the excellence of your product and ease of installation are absolutely trustworthy and true. The woman who helped me on the phone this morning was GREAT. You’ve really got it all together – it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this in a company.” — P. Ciavarella, Seaside Heights, New Jersey

“I wanted to write to tell you how pleased I am with my bug off screen. I’m a designer and very picky about the products I buy. I’m especially wary when ordering a product sight unseen off the internet. I researched several other similar screens, but yours appeared to be of higher quality than the other ones I saw. I was thrilled when my screen arrived. It was everything you promised. Easy to install, very good looking and a clever design. Your customer service reps were a pleasure to deal with and it arrived days sooner than promised. I only wish you carried more products. I’d buy them all! I’ve since told everyone I know about your great product and excellent service. Thank you again for a truly great idea.” — A. Bass, Pasadena, California

“I received and installed today – terrific product – just what I needed. It was so nice keeping the door open last night – perfect for condo/apts…where they have silly rules!” — G. Negri, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“I received my Bug Off screen and wanted to share with you how delighted I am with the product. I live in an apartment that has a door to the balcony instead of a sliding glass door and can’t install a regular screen door. I found you through the Internet and ordered right away. It’s great!! My small dog can go in and out as he pleases and no bugs can get in. It fit my door perfectly!! I gave the information flyer that came with my screen to the apartment management and they’re going to tell everyone, so you should get more orders. Thanks for such an innovative product.” — S. Darcell, Hillsboro, Oregon

“We rarely take the time to praise the GOOD products and spend lots of energy complaining about the BAD. I would like to say that this was an EXCELLENT solution for our restaurant. Typical lack of pre-thought with design on our part, left us trying to find a solution for the Health Inspector who required a screen door. This fit the bill perfectly! Thanks.” — J. Dupuis, Northfield, New Hampshire

“I ordered a Bug Off Screen last summer to allow my Weimaraner puppy to get in and out of the house without assistance. She is a ‘sun bunny’ like me and enjoys laying out on the deck during the day. Before getting the Bug Off Screen, I was up and down several times a day, letting her in and out of the French doors. With the Bug Off Screen, I open the door first thing in the morning and close it before going to bed at night. That way, “Chloe” can come in and out as often as she wishes without disturbing anyone in the house. This product is great and should be sold in Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Everyone that comes to my house ends up wanting one of their own!” — T. Thornton, Charlotte, North Carolina

“We just received our Bug Off screen that we ordered for the door to our back deck. It is wonderful! We installed it in about five minutes and it works just like you said it would, closing quietly and securely every time. The dog and the kids can go in and out anytime they want and there has not been a single bug in the house. I am recommending it to all our friends. You have a winner with this idea.” — B. Page, Cleveland, Tennessee

“Your screen door is very easy to install, which I appreciate because I am not mechanically inclined. The hands-free convenience really impresses me. It’s a great design.” — S. Brennan, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

“I purchased your screen about a month. or two ago. I don’t think I’ve made a better buy on ebay. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. My kids constantly whined about letting our dogs out (we have a screened in pool) . They would have to walk to the end of the screen enclosure to open a second door which accessed the yard. Family fights actually happened over whose turn it was to let the dogs out. I saw your item, bought it, and installed it in about 10 minutes (if that). Now the dogs come and go as they please, and no bugs to worry about. Best of all, no more whining from the kids, at least on letting the dogs out. You wouldn’t by chance have something that automatically takes the garbage out would you? Very grateful.” — T. McGuire , Port Orange, Florida

“I recently looked into buying screens for my French doors. I could not believe the incredibly high prices. I have wanted screens for these doors for many years. Bug Off screen works great at a fraction of the cost.” — M. Vandenbosch, Ventura, California

“My grandmother is in a motorized wheelchair and is unable to independently enter her home through her screen storm door due to loss of upper-body mobility. We ordered the Bug Off Screen door and the screen is wonderful! I would recommend this to others in the same situation. It allows my grandmother to go out without needing someone there to let her back in. This is the first summer in three years that she has been able to enjoy her porch. Thanks again!” — R. Welch, Troy, Pennsylvania

“I have used your screen, not only in my house, but also have taken it with me to my cabin. I love the convenience of using it in many locations, when and where I need it.” — L. Villalpando, Northridge, California

“I had to let you know, our parcel has now arrived in the UK and was delivered yesterday afternoon. Absolutely trouble free. I want to thank you so much, for your perseverance and help over the past months. If ever you need a reference, just put them on to me, you have been great!! In these troubled times of ‘couldn’t care less’ you shine. Thank you once more. Yours, very sincerely.” — D. Trumpet, Buckinghamshire, England

“Thanks for the great screen. I have never seen another one like it. I like to barbecue on the weekends, and it sure is great to be able to walk through it with my hands full. My wife loves it, too.” — J. Kozul, Chicago, Illinois

“I can’t thank you enough, for your outstanding product! As a US ex-pat living in India, we are under direct attack from mosquitoes on a regular basis. I haven’t seen a traditional framed screen door on any home in Bangalore, and given that the exterior doors, here, are inconsistent in size and structure (with some opening to the inside and some to the outside), it would be nearly impossible to install metal-framed screen doors on them anyway. Likewise, we currently rent our India home, instead of owning it, so we would not want to make expensive structural changes to the house.
When I came across your product, I was interested in the clever design and assumed that even if it didn’t work as well as described, it would still be better than having nothing across the doors. So I ordered four Bug Off screens, only to have a wonderfully pleasant surprise. They live up to every bit of praise I’ve read about them and then some! I wish every person in India had access to this brilliant product, which is cost-effective, simple to install, and incredibly efficient in design (with great components like the magnets in the middle, Velcro on the sides, and well-weighted bottom).
I’m simply thrilled with my Bug Off screens and am so happy to recommend them to absolutely everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — S. Vandermolen, Bangalore, India

“Your screen is definitely cool and convenient. I have only had it a few weeks and already several of my friends want one. I’m surprised no one thought of this design before.” — M. Majano, Dallas, Texas

“I have never written a testimonial before, but I was impressed enough to write in. I have three kids who always leave the screen open on our sliding glass door out to the backyard. This made it pointless to even have a screen door. Thanks for solving this problem.” — B. Whitten, Van Nuys, California

“I was so excited when I heard about your screen from a friend. I have an old house with a back door that’s not a standard size. I have searched forever for a screen door to fit it. Your screen provides the perfect fit and also allows my animals to go in and out on their own. I would highly recommend your screen to anyone with a house or apartment.” — J. Benfatti, Midvale, Utah

“We are used to having many flies in the house in the summertime because everyone leaves the screen open by accident. Your screen has solved this problem. I love the closure magnets. It’s a very clever idea.” — J. Kennedy, Inglewood, California

“You don’t know how many screens I have put on my door. My dogs would stand on them, bend them and then they either wouldn’t open, or they would fall off. If they stand on your screen, they just fall in and I laugh! Even with six dogs coming and going, I have not had a fly or a mosquito in the house since I put up my new screen. I didn’t realize the other screen door was open that often. Wonderful product!” — J. Garlington, Vacaville, California

“Thank you very. much. The screen arrived today! It’s already up, and I’m training my two big dogs to go through it as we speak. I was widowed last year, and my husband always killed the bugs. With the back door always open, I had lots. This is already helping so much. I am very pleased with your product, and have told several people about it. They might order it as well.” — G. Lannon, Sherman Oaks, California

“Wow!!!! All I can say is, this is even EASIER then I thought it would be. I cannot thank you enough for you quick service & delivery. I received my Bug Off Screen, took it out of the box, and installed it. It not only does the trick (doggie door mainly) but it looks nice and very well made. I’d ordered this on May 1st and today is May 5th! GREAT Service. Thank you VERY much!” — M. Ross, Schenectady, New York

“Thank you! I love my screens. They arrived in only one day, and I’m enjoying them so much. I thought that I had only dreamed of such a thing.” — C. Peterson, Canyon Lake, California

“Just had to let you know that our Bug Off Instant Screen Door arrived safely at our Canadian address. It is now installed in our home in Costa Rica. We are very, very pleased with the quality and the ease of installation. Previously we had a similar screen door “as seen on TV” – the installation was tedious and the quality was not very impressive. Thank you for much for your prompt and courteous service” — K. Totzke, Ontario, Canada

Our two dogs are constantly wanting to go out or come in and of course at the most inopportune moments and never in unison. In addition, with a pending graduation party / family reunion we thought having such a screen would be perfect with all of our guests (and dogs) coming in and going out all day. We like keeping the back door wide open due to its effect on household ventilation.
We received this screen within days of our online order and I put it up in a few minutes. I am quite strict when it comes to quality and craftsmanship but this product appears to be well constructed and seems sturdy enough to last a few seasons at least. Our dogs figured it out after a few demonstrations and now I think it is the best thing that we could have invested in for this purpose. The dogs go in and out while we are home without bothering us and it keeps all of the flies and wasps out of the house.
Years ago I constructed a tension pole and screen system to fully-enclose an apartment balcony (tension poles only – destructive drilling of the premises was not allowed) so I know the design and construction time and cost of such a project. At $40 this is a very good deal. At this time I cannot testify as to this product’s week to week and season to season performance but out of the box I can say that it works as described.” — John D., Boise, Idaho

“Thank you. Your excellent product and service is why I continue to buy from you. Again, thank you.” — T. Sciortino, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

“I received my Bug Off Screen Door just the other day and I LOVE IT!!!!!” — L. Atwater, Robbins, Illinois

“Thanks for the great screen. I love it and my dogs figured it out within 10 minutes. Now they can get in and out without having us open the screen door. I loved the easy installation – I was envisioning screws and holes in the frame. Thanks so much for your creativity. What a wonderful product.” — M. Shober, Friday Harbor, Washington

“I received my screens last week and absolutely love them!!! They were a snap to install and work great. It has been awesome to be able to enjoy the nice fall air without worrying about bugs. We had a party Friday night and I had three neighbors asking for your website. Thanks!” — K. Kambas, Alpharetta, Georgia

“I got my new screen and it fits great. My bad for not measuring before. I wanted to thank you for being flexible on my exchange as it slipped my mind to return it sooner. I work for a company over 80k big and have sent a nice note about you and your product to some of my co-workers.” —T. Yeh, Pleasanton, California

“I purchased one of your screens, received it on Saturday and am in LOVE! Thank you for making the exact product I needed. I blogged about your product today and used a picture from your website. I realized I should have obtained permission first. Would you please allow me to use the image on my blog post? If not, I will certainly remove it”. http://all-about-the-journey.blogspot.com/2010/04/something-super-cool.html — Susan S., California

“I ordered my screens from Amazon.com, and ordered for trial two 36″ x 80″. I have just installed this fantastic product. I use them in our home in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles where we really have a lot of mosquitoes. We have the rest of the windows with screens, but always the door entrance was a problem as we like to leave the doors open, but at a price that our home fills up with these small mosquitoes. With the arrival of your product the solution has arrived for our problem. Thank you for putting this wonderful product on the market. I will be ordering more in the days to come.” — M. Jacobs, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles

“As a customer on the other side of the world with an over sized and awkwardly set front door, we had only expensive options here to try and screen it. I found your website and wondered if I should take the chance on a custom made screen from so far away. I took the risk and I am so glad I did. Our custom screen arrived much more quickly than I anticipated (18 days from order to delivery in Australia). Assembled it and installed it very easily. A minor adjustment and now it is working fantastically well exactly as the video shows. I am so glad I went ahead with my order and now I have a bug free house for a very reasonable price! Thanks for your quick service and excellent product.” — S. Dowling, Sydney, Australia

“My screen arrived today, and even I had no problem installing it! What an ingenious design and product. Thank you so very much! Take THAT, mosquitoes and moths!” — E. Gage, Oakland Hills, California

“The first screen I received was not the screen I ordered, but the company definitely made good on it. They had the incorrect delivery picked up at my door with no problem. Customer service was impeccable. This is the best product ever. I recently purchased a townhouse with French doors off the master bedroom on to a balcony. Nothing better than sleeping with the doors open but I would wake up with several bug bites. I special ordered a screen to fit my door and am so pleased. I can sleep with the doors open at night and not worry about bugs and can leave my door open during the day to keep it cool in the second story bedroom. The custom fit was perfect! The magnets secure the screen closed. Love it” — J. Klosterman, Irving, Texas

“I got my Bug Off screen to allow my geriatric Beagle an easier last year of her life. It also has been wonderful for her owner. We have a lot of flies here and my dog had stopped letting me know when she wanted to go out, so I got in the habit of leaving the back door open for her. Unfortunately that was a major problem with Darling Hubby and the nasty fly situation around here. When I got my special Bug Off screen made for French doors, it arrived quickly, I installed it in a few minutes and have never looked back. I put tape over the bottom magnet for a few days so it was easier to pass through until my old dog figured it out. My other dog had it figured out immediately. I have had it up a year and it has held up perfectly. Not one fly in the house, dogs happy, hubby happy and me ecstatic. One of the best purchases ever!” — Judy G., San Rafael, California

“I just want you to know I am delighted with my screen. Thank you for doing this custom size, even though you cautioned me it might not work the best to split it this way. I just want you to know it is perfect for my needs, which is to put it between a french door and a storm door so I can prop both of those doors open and have my dogs be able to go out though the Bug Off Screen in good weather and bad. And it has kept birds from coming in, and I’m sure it will keep the bugs out too as the weather gets warmer and buggier in Colorado. My family is small enough sized people that we have no problem getting in and out of this custom size either!
Since we are renting, I didn’t want to invest in a new pet-access storm door, or remove it in place of a screen door, which I would have installed a pet flap in, so this was a great solution. I used these when we were renting an apartment too, worked great!! Thanks again!” — K. Cuff, Longmont, Colorado