Smart features that really work!

• A lightweight, adjustable spring tension rod for easy, tool-free installation
• A second tunnel for built-in height adjustment
• Center and bottom magnets for hands free entry and exit
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Bug Off Screen was designed with convenience in mind!


Standard Screen, Center Opening

French Reversible, Side Opening Screen

An adjustable spring tension rod is included with each screen and installs into one of the two tunnels at the top of the screen. The rod is made of strong and lightweight, extruded aluminum and is powder coated black to resist the elements. The rod allows you to quickly install and remove Bug Off without damaging your door frame.

A second tunnel for easy height adjustment is sewn into the screen and allows you to install Bug Off on shorter doors. Standard 80″ door openings are often shorter because of the floor plate. Install the rod into the first tunnel for 80″ doors, or the second tunnel for 78″- 79″ doors.

The center opening overlaps 2″, this allows the screen to snap closed behind you, using gravity and the center and bottom magnets as the closing force. This design also allows you to walk through the screen with your hands full, by simply pushing the center opening.

Center magnets are sewn onto the screen to allow hands-free entry and exit for you, your children, guests and pets. Pets can go in and out without assistance, so you don’t have to let them out.

Soft screen mesh is used to make our screens. It is pliable to the touch as you walk through it. We have added an over-lock stitch on all the edges for added durability and a clean, professional look.

Hook & Loop fasteners (also known as Velcro®) are sewn onto each side of the screen so you can quickly and easily secure the screen to the sides of the door frame. Bug Off Screen can be used permanently or temporarily. Move it from door to door and take it to vacation homes. Use it when and where you need it.

Bottom weights and magnets have been sewn into the screen to weight and close the bottom. Weather resistant webbing has been sewn to the bottom of Bug Off for a clean, professional look and added durability.