Measuring your door
Installation instructions

Learn how to measure your door for a perfect fit.

Install Bug Off Screen in 3 Easy Steps
• No tools needed
• Installs in minutes
• Won’t damage your door frame

We make it easy.

Measure your door before ordering

Measure the height from the top of the inside jamb to the floor. If you have a wood or metal floor plate, measure from the top of the inside jamb to the top of the floor plate. Bug Off will not close properly if it drags on the floor, or floor plate. The rod will take up the screen about a quarter of an inch, which is necessary for it to open and magnetically snap closed.

If you’re installing Bug Off on a sliding glass door, be sure to measure from the top inside of the tract to the top of the bottom tract. Bug Off must clear the bottom tract to open and close properly.

If your door opens in, install Bug Off on the outside of the door.

If our door opens out, install Bug Off on the inside of the door.

When ordering a custom screen, please give us the exact size of your doorjamb width, where you plan to hang the rod and screen. When we process your order, we will add 2″ to the width, to allow the screen to fold into your doorjamb and attach on each side. When measuring the height, measure from the top of the doorjamb down to the highest point of your bottom threshold, or floor plate. Bug Off must swing freely to open and close properly and cannot drag on the floor, or floor plate.

Bug Off can close perfect every time!
Simply hold the right side of the screen open a second longer than the left. This will allow the left side to come into position first and allow the right side to snap closed against it.

Bottom weights and magnets have been sewn into the screen to weight and close the bottom. Weather resistant webbing has been sewn to the bottom of Bug Off for a clean, professional look and added durability.

Installation Instructions

Follow 3 Simple Steps


Adjust spring tension rod 1″ – 2″ wider than your door opening and insert it into one of the two tunnels at the top of the screen. You enlarge the spring tension rod by unscrewing the smaller end counter clockwise.


Put one side of the spring tension rod in top corner of your doorjamb and slide the other side up.


Adhere hook and loop adhesive strips (as known as Velcro® sewn into the screen) to sides of your doorjamb. After the installation, check to make sure the rod is tight in the doorjamb. If not, open the rod a little wider. The center opening of the screen should be centered in the doorjamb. Adjust the screen mesh towards the center of the rod. That’s all there is to it!