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• Drop shipping available with EDI
• Competitive margins
• Attractive Compact POP Display
• FREE Brochures
• FREE Demo DVD’s
• FREE Photo Banners
• Re-shipper Packaging
• Engaging Store Packaging

We take pride in selling the HIGHEST QUALITY instant screen on the market. You can too.

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Dealer Information

We have a great program that includes a 40% margin, guaranteed sale and an exciting POP display. We have FREE brochures, demo DVD’s and 18″ x 30″ photo banners to help sell Bug Off inside your store. We also have re-shipper packaged screens ready to ship to your internet and catalog customers, with attractive product photos and 90 second commercial to help boost sales on your website.

With absolutely nothing to lose, you can save your customers money with a quick and easy way to screen their single, French and sliding glass doors and market to apartment and condo renters who are not allowed to install standard framed screen doors. Don’t waste your time with the cheaper copy-cats. The quality is not as good and you will get more returns from disappointed customers and make less profit. We started the “instant screen” industry in 1992 and still manufacture our screens with the highest quality materials including durable USA screen mesh and USA high energy magnets. Our return rate is less than 2% and our entire line of 14 sizes can be purchased in 2 mixed cases that take only a few feet of floor space.

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Bug Off Screen is available in full-color retail packaging and plain corrugated, mail order re-shippers.

Bug Off Screen Display