Pets LOVE Bug Off Screens

Your pets can let themselves in and out so YOU don’t have to.
Bug Off Screen is safe for pets and easy for them to use.

It makes a convenient pet screen door for dogs and cats.

Make any door a pet door with Bug Off Screen

Why pets love Bug Off Screens

Bug Off Screen works for pets of all sizes.

Large and small pets can go in and out without assistance so you don’t have to continually let your dog, or cat in and out. You won’t need to install a specialized pet door, or doggie door when you use Bug Off Screen. Use our screen on any door you want your pets to go in and out (like a patio door) and enjoy insect protection without compromise.

Bug Off Screen Door is safe for pets and is a natural pest control product that will keep bugs and insects out, without using harsh chemicals that could harm your pet.

Bug Off Screen is easy for pets to learn to use.

Once the screen door is installed, show your dog, or cat that the screen opens in the center and walk through it a few times calling your pet to come through too. That’s all it will take for your pet to understand the simple concept and begin using Bug Off Screen Door.

Cats love Bug Off Screens too.

Cat’s natural independence makes Bug Off perfect for them. Cats and kittens may be a little hesitant at first, but once they go in and out a few times, they quickly learn and enjoy their freedom.

Most pet-owners love to use Bug Off Screen on their patio doors. It’s a great way to convert an ordinary patio door to a pet patio door, where all members of the household have easy hands-free access to the outside. We have a variety of sizes to fit both standard and patio sliding doors and we make custom sizes too.