Keep Bugs Out!

Do it yourself NATURAL pest control.

Bug Off Screen only opens the width of your body and immediately snaps closed. This helps to keep out insects better than standard framed screen doors that open the entire width of the door and then must be closed manually, leaving more time to let bugs inside.

Natural insect protection everywhere you need it.

Bug Off Screen offers natural pest control

Billions of dollars are spent every year fighting insects and pests.

Pests cause property damage, insect born diseases and are a huge nuisance. Controlling bugs in a safe, natural and eco-friendly way is a goal for most of us. Bug Off Instant Screen Door is a natural, do it yourself pest control product that is safe for people and pets and will keep bugs and insects out of your home, without using harsh chemicals.


Pest control is even more important after an El Nino Season.

After El Nino bugs come out in force, natural pest protection becomes critical. Bug Off Instant Screen allows you to screen your doors without tools, in about five minutes, for less than the cost of most standard screen doors. It’s simple, natural and a quick way to implement mosquito and fly pest control for your home. It also provides magnetic hands-free entry and exit for both people and pets, using center and bottom, self closing magnets.




Natural insect protection everywhere you need it.

Bug Off can be used in apartments and condos, where standard screens are often not permitted. It can also be taken to motels, vacation homes and cabins for insect protection anywhere. Our standard 36″ size fits standard single front doors found in cabins, motels and rental homes. Bug Off Screen is available in 14 standard sizes and any custom size up to 72″ in width and any length. We have sizes to fit single doors, French doors and sliding glass doors.

Control pest’s access to your home and allow easy, natural, hands-free access for your family and pets. Your screen door is your first line of pest-defense. Make it count!