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Bug Off Screen in the News

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Bug Off Screen in the News

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Bug Off Screen is a Kid’s Best Friend

With all the advantages this product offers, one of the most important is how great it is for kids.

Bug Off Screen is recognized world-wide as an easy and affordable way to keep flying insects out of your home while enjoying cookouts, parties, and get-togethers in the backyard. It’s the highest quality instant screen door that is easy to set up without tools and will last for years with no maintenance.

What is the Bug Off Screen?

Bug Off Screen is a frameless screen curtain that installs easily without tools in about 5 minutes. You simply place the Bug Off Screen on the included spring tension rod, and push it up into the doorjamb. Hook and loop tabs (also known as Velcro®) are sewn to both sides of the screen to keep it securely in place. The center opening uses high energy magnets to close the screen automatically. Bug Off provides magnetic hands-free entry and exit while keeping the insects out.

Bug Off Screen has been recognized as the instant screen leader for more than 20 years, because of its excellent quality, great customer service and original patented design. It’s been used in homes, restaurants and hotels around the world. Not only do adults’ love Bug Off Screen, kids and pets enjoy it too.

Parents and Kids Love Bug Off Screen

Children and pets can easily walk through Bug Off Screen without difficulty and it shuts automatically behind them. This means no more slamming screen doors and no more screens accidentally left open to allow insects in. It is also quieter and safer for kids and pets. Bug Off is more efficient since it only opens the width of the body and then closes leaving no time for bugs to enter.

No More Family Fights

Many customers report one of the biggest benefits of Bug Off Screen is that it can prevent family fights, because kids can enter and leave without making additional noise, damaging doors or leaving the screen open to bugs. It makes outdoor activities more fun and enjoyable with no more yelling “close the screen door.”

No More Bent or Broken Screens

Another big advantage of using Bug Off Screen is that there is no frame or bottom track to get broken or bent. Kids will certainly “be kids” and pets will be pets and sometimes they forget to gently shut the screen, or they may go right through and destroy it. Broken or bent screens are familiar to most families with kids and pets.

If you love backyard activities and have kids, then you’ll love Bug Off Screen. It’s the perfect solution to keeping the bugs out and the fun in all your outdoor activities.

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