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Bug Off Screen in the News

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Bug Off Screens Help Keep Pets and Animals Cool in the Hot Weather

With summer almost here, the backyard will become a place of cookouts, pool parties and outdoor events. Unfortunately, leaving the doors open is an invitation to flying insects. But thanks to Bug Off screen, your family and pets can enjoy outdoor activities, keep the bugs outside and enjoy magnetic hands free entry and exit. You and your family can walk through with food and drinks and Bug Off Screen automatically closes behind you. And your pets can go in and out without your assistance.

Bug Off Screens are designed for easy access to all two and four legged members of your family. In fact, there are a number of advantages to getting Bug Off Screens for your home. Kids and parents love it, since the screen closes by itself and won’t accidentally be left open to let in the bugs. Pets love it since they can let themselves in and out.

Pet Friendly Design

Bug Off Screens are made of high quality materials and last for years. They install without tools in about 5 minutes are designed to let adults, kids and pets through the screen easily. This is because Bug Off Screens are made with everyone in mind, except for the flying insects. Years of research and testing went into making Bug Off Screens super convenient to solve multiple problems and it pays off with a design that lets pets in and out just like the two-legged members of your family.

Easy Pet Access

The magnets that close automatically after walking through are strong enough to hold the screens closed, but easy to pass through. This means that your pets can go through without any difficulty.

This easy access is due to the lightweight materials used to create the screens. Dogs and cats of all sizes love Bug Off and the independence it gives them. While lightweight, the screens are still highly effective at keeping out the flying insects and bugs, since Bug Off Screen secures to top and sides of the doorjamb.

Durable and Attractive

Bug Off Screen is over-locked on all the edges with outdoor nylon thread for a clean attractive look and it’s also tough because it’s made with the very best quality USA screen mesh and USA high energy magnets. This means that while your pets may think about damaging the screen, it can stand up to wear and tear from both dogs and cats.

The combination of high quality, durable mesh, excellent design and low, competitive pricing makes Bug Off Screen a convenient solution with multiple advantages. Bug Off Screens come in 14 sizes and custom sizes for single doors, sliding glass doors and French doors. If you have pets and want them to enjoy the activities of cookouts, pool parties or any occasion where people and pets will being going in and outside, then Bug Off Screen is the perfect choice.

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