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Bug Off Screen in the News

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Bug Off Instant Screen Doors Now Come in 14 Standard Sizes to Fit Most Doors

Are you tired of dealing with bugs when you open your doors to let the breeze in? A screen door is usually the best answer, but typical screen doors offer a variety of problems in homes and apartments. They can be difficult to open and close if you have your hands full, expensive to install, and many apartment managers and condo associations do not allow them. Worst of all, if you have a non-standard door size, you probably won’t find an affordable screen door that fits.

That’s where Bug Off Screen comes in. It’s a frameless, instant screen made out of durable screen mesh with strategically placed magnets that allow you to keep the bugs out of your home, let the fresh air in and enjoy hands free entry and exit for you and your pets. Bug Off Screen installs fast using an included spring tension rod and causes no damage to the door frame.

Custom Screen Doors for a Customized Look

Cheaply Made Imitations

One of the most common trends in new home construction today is having a larger-than-average door. It can be impossible to find a screen that will work nicely with your custom look and fit the door frame perfectly. To combat that issue, Bug Off Screen is now made in a wide variety of new sizes to accommodate these large doors. Regardless of what type of opening you have, you can get the screen door you want for the bug protection you need.

When ordering your Bug Off Screen you will now have the option to choose between 14 standard sizes ranging from small doorframes (30 inches by 80 inches) to huge doors as large as 72 inches by 96 inches. Here is a full list of standard sizes that you can have shipped to your home today:

30″ x 80″
32″ x 80″
32″ x 96″
34″ x 79″
36″ x 80″
36″ x 84″
36″ x 96″
48″ x 80″
60″ x 80″
60″R x 80″
64″R x 80″
72″ x 80″
72″R x 80″
72″R x 96″

If you have a home that uses sliding glass doors or large French doors that are not a standard size, a customized Bug Off Screen can be created as wide as 72 inches in width and any height. You can also have custom Bug Off Screens made for your RV, cabin, trailer, boat, or shed. And, installation is so simple you can install them yourself in just 5 minutes. Bug Off Screen is the smart and affordable solution for screening all standard and custom doors.

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