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Bug Off Screen in the News

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Bug Off Instant Screen Doors Get Top Consumer Reviews

Cambria, CA — For the spring, summer and early months of fall, having cook outs, swim parties or simple get-togethers out on the back porch or in the backyard is an annual tradition. But one of the setbacks is the constant opening and closing of the back door. There is nothing pleasant about the sound of a slamming screen door each time the kids dart in or out, or trying to open the door while carrying armfuls of food to the party.

Fortunately, one company has come up with a simple, yet ingenious solution that promises to be great for parties and indoor/outdoor fun. It’s called the Bug Off Instant Screen and it can be installed within minutes. There are many screen doors on the market, but The Bug Off screen is simply the best instant screen that we’ve seen to keep out bugs and allow people and pets freedom of movement through all their doors. It also has the best rating in 1000 plus, online reviews, with 4 out of 5 stars. The copy-cats averaged 2 stars.

What is the Bug Off Screen?

The Bug Off Screen is an instant screen door that easily installs on any sized entrance to a house, or apartment, using an included spring tension rod and hook and loop fasteners. People and pets walk easily through the soft screen mesh and the screen automatically closes, thanks to center and bottom magnets. Flying insects and bugs are kept outside, so everyone can enjoy the cross breeze inside, without pests.

No tools are needed to install Bug Off Screen and it will not damage any door frame. This is great news for apartment and condominium renters who are not usually allowed to install screens. But they can install Bug Off Screen. The installation takes less than five minutes. Simple instructions are included inside the box and the manufacturer has an online installation page and demonstration video.

The Advantages of Purchasing a Genuine Bug Off Screen

Bug Off is superior to the cheaper copy-cat instant screens on the market. The Bug Off Screen is made from top quality materials that will last for years. The manufacturer Wolf & Moon Products, Inc. started the instant screen industry with a patent and they make more sizes than any other company – 14 sizes and customs. The magnets are silent which means no more slamming screen doors and no more screens accidentally left open. Bug Off Screen is soft and pliable and easy to push through even if you are carrying food or other bulky items so it’s great for parties and BBQ’s. And since Bug Off makes any door a pet door, pet owners and their pets love Bug Off Screen.

The Final Analysis

It is no wonder the Bug Off Screen has received so many excellent consumer reviews. They’ve come up with an outstanding product at a great price, in more sizes than anyone else. If you enjoy cooking or socializing in your backyard, then we highly recommend the Bug Off Screen. It’s the most convenient screen for keeping bugs and insects out while letting you enjoy your home and backyard all year round.

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