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Bug Off Screen in the News

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Instant Screen Door with Magnetic Closure Now Designed for French Doors

Cambria, CA — The world’s best designers, manufacturers and businesses agree: there are some things in life you just can’t skimp on. If you have ever been lured in to buying generic Coca-Cola, imitation Windex, or off brand Q-tips, you know the unsatisfying experience it can be. Joining the short list of incomparable elite brands is a consumer favorite for indoor-outdoor living: Bug Off Screen Doors.

What makes Bug Off Screen Doors so different than a generic instant screen door? Bug Off outperforms other copycat instant screens in every way. Its superior material and durability are unmatched and last for years. Bug Off Screens looks great too. Designers know there is nothing worse than ruining the look of beautiful new designer French Doors with a shabby knock-off screen. And, because the Bug Off Screen doors comes in 14 sizes including traditional and French Double Door styles, it has become a decorator’s favorite choice for ease of use, sturdiness, and appearance.

When the Bug Off Screen package arrives, a quick inspection confirms this instant magnetic screen door is better than the countless copycat products. Bug Off Screen is not a cheaply made “one size fits all” product. It is produced with the highest quality mesh and manufacturing methods-important for a product that will be used hundreds of times each year. And the reviews for Bug Off Screen are excellent. Consumers see the difference in quality and Bug Off Screen consistently receives much better ratings online than low-end competitors.

“Our brand is so popular and trusted,” says the inventor and owner of the company Carol Lynch, ”it attracts a certain level of product piracy as imitators even go as far as using our photos and logos to fool buyers. We always tell consumers to order their screen at the official Bug Off Screen site to be sure they are getting the real deal.”

Bug Off Screen started the “instant screen” industry with a patent in 1992 and has dominated competitors for more than 20 years. “Unlike the subsequent knock off instant screen companies, we truly care about our customers and the quality and value of our brand. We came up with the idea for Bug Off Screen when we were not allowed to put a screen on our apartment door,” says the company’s President. ”We either had to keep the door closed or be inundated by outdoor bugs and pests. We needed a high quality non-permanent screen door that would let the air in, but keep the bugs out.” The invention solved the problem and soon neighbors were asking where to get one. Apartment managers and condo associations approve the use of Bug Off Screen because it’s not a permanent installation. It’s so easy to put up that most customers report they can install or remove a Bug Off Screen in about 5 minutes.

There are other benefits to using the best removable screen door in your home. Even with your hands full you can walk through Bug Off Screen and it automatically snaps closed behind you with its clever magnetic door design. Pets are able to come and go without installing a permanent pet door. People in wheelchairs appreciate the Bug Off Screen because they can go through the screen in their wheelchair. Kids and their parents love the fact there is no more yelling, “close the screen door,” and no more slamming screen doors, or screens accidentally left open to allow in bugs.

So, don’t waste money on cheap imitations that will ruin the look of your French Doors and fall apart. To keep your doors open for natural cooling, to save money and keep the bugs and pests out of the house, there is just no substitution for a genuine Bug Off Screen.

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